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The researchers expect the findings to spur the development of new medical applications using microneedles.. New Microneedle Antimicrobial Techniques Foster Medical Tech InnovationA team of researchers from North Carolina State University has led developed two new approaches for incorporating antimicrobial properties into microneedles – vanishingly thin needles that hold great promise for use in portable medical equipment.

The study was conducted by Dr. Nancy Monteiro-Riviere, professor of Investigative Dermatology and Toxicology at the Center for Chemical Toxicology research and pharmacokinetics at NC State, as well as researchers from North Dakota State University, laser Zentrum Hannover and other institutions co-authored.

The second approach is applicable to degradable microneedles, which are designed to to dissolve on the skin surface as as vaccines for single-use drug delivery situations. This technique involves incorporating an antimicrobial agent into the material used to achieve the microneedle itself.When a patient has an associated emergency category of surgical , it should his an unequivocal and standard way of taking into account the need to handler.

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