We want the niche.

The scientists markers how them to learn how the stem cells decide which specialized cells they are and how their growth can be regulated identified. – We want the niche, or microenvironment of the stem cell, and the cells gives, the supply growth inputs need to keep the stem – ness of cells to identify, she says.

The investigators by Brenda Penninx, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina , followed a group of 1,146 people age 71 and older, more than 4 years, assessing their capacity to three physical tasks: standing balance, a timed 8-foot way, and the ability to rise from a chair.

At the end of the four-year study, two thirds of participants at least modest decline in physical performance scores, with 346 persons , with substantial decreases.A total averaged those who do not have anemia, a 1.4 point decline on the 12 – point scale during the study. In contrast, dipped those borderline anemia had averaged 1.8 points and 2.3 points with anemia on average the the 12 – point scale.

Women with anemia showed the greatest physical decline of women who had borderline anemia followed.Thus, researchers in in San Diego analysis to effect of using on more than 50,000 soldiers participation in the Millennium Cohort Study have.

Baseline information between between July 2001 and June before the wars before the wars Iraq and Afganistan) and the participants were questioned about their health three years later . 40-50 percent recorded. Exposure been tested and newly emerging PO – traumatic stress symptoms of were estimated using criteria. For more information, smoking and problem alcohol has been also recorded.