According to one study the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Regularly review the regularly review the evidence base for the guidelines and will be updated to make recommendations, if guaranteed. But have concerns about resistance to the simplicity and practicality of delivery single-dose nevirapine compared with other therapies, can be compensated. Antiretroviral prophylaxis with single – dose maternal and infant nevirapine remains a practical alternative […]

Speaker of cancer survivors with representatives from the region s leading medical institutions.

Speaker of cancer survivors with representatives from the region ‘s leading medical institutions, discuss the transition from an oncologist to doctor, genetics and family risk, management of side effects of cancer treatment, psychosocial issues, intimacy and sexuality, integrative medicine, nutrition and lifestyle, carers / family communication, estate and financial planning, life and health insurance and […]

The Society for Academic emergency physicians.

The Society for Academic emergency physicians , the largest organization in the world is focusing on improving the research and teaching of emergency care. Its mission improve patient care improve patient care through research and education. * Increased Charity Care population coupled with increased costs associated with older and sicker patients threaten academic medical centers […]