To learn more about the RN Response Network

To learn more about the RN Response Network, visit rnrn is a project of the California Nurses Foundation and the California Nurses Association / National Nurses Organizing Committee of .

– Kim Lange, Nurse Practitioner: A native of the Lower 9th Ward, joined Kim rnrn immediately after the storm and volunteered at the Lower 9th Ward Clinic. – Dr. James Moises, MD: Emergency Room physician The tragedy of the collapse of the public health safety net in New Orleans caused by the closure of the controversial Charity Hospital and its network of community clinics, is results of results of a recent study that an increasingly sicker population in the city has. The Kaiser Family Foundation poll on 13 Published August found that 84 % of adults living in New Orleans face ongoing health challenges and there has been a significant deterioration in the psychological health of residents. – Also provided a recent article in the American Journal of Medical Sciences that Charity Hospital – was ‘the center of the the greater New Orleans a safety net for the last 269 years[ and] the dominant source of – the the the rnrn Video needy needy population, serve 63 % of the uninsured. ‘.

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