The young whose mothers received high-energy food had higher body weight and more fat.

In the above mentioned study in rats showed that affect the mother’s diet and development bacteria consumption and the health of their young. ‘A number of female rats were food provided with high energy content during pregnancy and while she were feeding her young We saw that old in two weeks, the young whose mothers received high-energy food had higher body weight and more fat. Her body, and higher inflammation, than young whose mothers were given a balanced diet, ‘explains Caroline Karlsson.

In another study, Caroline Karlsson has studied the first faeces of 79 children born vaginally. A fetus lives in a sterile environment and therefore has no microorganisms in their intestines, but during birth the baby swallows the lactobacilli, naturally in naturally in its mother. ‘It has not been shown that all newborn babies born vaginally have lactobacilli in their gut flora as early as two days after birth by using a gene-based technique, actually the case our study is that this is indeed the case,’says Caroline Karlsson, who also found that babies who were causative the with high birth weight more inflammation bacteria, high energy food than babies of normal weight.

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David Reid, Chairman, Tesco wrote: There is 750,000 people with dementias. This means says of our staff and customer have a loved one or a friend with a disease so we are proud the opportunity work with the Alzheimer Society and AD Scotland in order real and lasting real and lasting difference their lives, from the diagnosis on the treatment of. ‘.

– Tesco Charity of the Year partnerships – Since 1988, Tesco has selected another love each year have the focus for employees fund raising. Which Tesco Charity Trust then reinforced HR fund raising to a maximum of 500.