The Carnegie Institution of Washington (a private non-profit organization.

###The Carnegie Institution of Washington (a private non-profit organization, has a pioneer in field of basic scientific research since 1902, It has six research departments: the Geophysical Laboratory and the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, both located. In Washington, DC, The Observatories in Pasadena, California, and Chile and the Department of Plant Biology and the Department of Global Ecology in Stanford, California, and the Department of Embryology, in Baltimore, Maryland.

The method also opens up the possibility of treating various types of diseases caused by either shutting down the disease-causing gene , or by directing researchers. Appropriate paths for the development of new drugs The Fire – Mello discovery was patented recently and was common in the U.S., Europe and Japan licensed a broad range of issues to address. Science magazine identified RNAi as a Breakthrough of the Year in its December 2002 edition.. The story behind the discoveryIn 1997, the Fire – Mello team found that by specifically designing RNA with two strands they could genes genes. The isolated RNA molecule of messenger RNA, also known as the ‘sense’RNA conveys information from a DNA template for the machine that ‘turns on’or expresses a particular gene.‘.. The Cook County Bureau of Emergency Medicine and Rush University Medical Center.After his emergency medical aid education in Stroger Hospital of Cook County, went Dr. Whereas of the 2003 Iraq conflict, he then joined IMC as rescue medical consultant and worked with a of Iraqi civilians doctor in town Nasyria. May be an in a disaster area, whether produced naturally or man-made, you a health crisis on her hands which might take months or years before the district health system be independently once again,’said Dr problem with ‘The aim the scholarship program there how the international show how the international case of emergency systems evaluate develop and implement training programs and monitor quality of medical assistance, self sustaining self-sustaining emergency medicine.

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Malik journeyed to Sumatran as part of the new International Emergency Medicine Fellowship a joint two-year program at the Rush University Medical Center, Stroger Hospital of Cook County , and International Medical Corps , a non-profit organization. These Community, one of only a thirteen such programs in the nation taught teaches leadership on the international scene focusing on the development of emergency service and disaster relief. Malik was played these capabilities significantly when they cared for the wounded of the island Nias, of field hit hardest by the quake.