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Source: Daniel B. Kane, University of California – San DiegoA new UC San Diego computer graphics model capable of realistic milk images based on the fat and protein content is likely to push the field of computer graphics into the field of diagnostic medicine, food safety and atmospheric science, according to a new study. A handful of a handful of pressing issues, ‘said Henrik When Jensen, a UC San Diego computer science professor and Academy Award-winning computer graphics researchers. Jensen created the model with two colleagues from the Technical University of Denmark – Niels Jorgen Christensen, associate professor and Jeppe Revall Frisvad, pupils.

Ego, to see ‘how others implement our model, Jensen said, which makes the model for other researchers. -.. In addition to creating images on what the material consists of base, the authors used milk milk example, that the new model work backwards and determine how much fat and protein a milk sample, based on just a digital picture of milk. ‘Putting the model in reverse, grocery stores could identify spoiled meats, contaminants or other matters of food security – if a particular food problem consistently and demonstrably light scattering changed properties of the food,’said Jensen. The model has already provided insights into the mystery of ‘bottle-green ‘icebergs.Today we not only capable of know where know where said tumor is every moment, however well methods to make it with a millimeter hit accuracy.. the results from this study show that us apply safely the ‘ mid ventilation’ approach where. Us simply irradiate portion of the track place of all tumors volume, where the tumor is situated for a breathing cycle reduce reduce the treatment volume, with the effect that patients have fewer complications, said van den Boomen. Described how he and colleagues at the CREATIS have a model percent 2 for that method currently in respiratory movement of into account in the calculation of safety margins asymmetry of developing during radiation therapy. When a patient breathe used during radiotherapy, Bouilhol said: The tumor may also drag. The standard way calculating the treat profit margins of percent 2 breathing phases.

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