Somebody who chooses medicines over their families.

A cry for compassion in treating addiction How can you really have compassion for someone whom you believe is choosing to live a life of drug addiction? Somebody who chooses medicines over their families, over their kids, over their job? As we explored with Dr. Drew previously in the #14Days on the Wagon series, stigma surrounding addiction is often tied into the widespread belief that addiction is certainly a choice or a moral failing . Specialists say this is a misunderstanding of addiction.

They just have to be lined up to play their part when their abilities are needed. Other neuroscientists previously possess implicated the cingulate in a variety of specialized cognitive tasks, Dosenbach notes, but the new analysis may change their thinking. ‘It’s a question of whether the cingulate has specific contributions to make in all these jobs, or whether it plays such an extremely basic function that its participation is almost often required,’ he clarifies. Related StoriesSwedish measurement method to be used as standard in Alzheimer's diagnostics worldwideNew tool may help diagnose and deal with Parkinson's disease in early stagesMelatonin and the circadian rhythm: an interview with Professor Kennaway, University of AdelaideThe researchers’ theories are reinforced by akinetic mutism, a condition that occurs in sufferers who suffer a lesion from stroke or medical procedures which includes the cingulate.