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Special Issue Of Point Of Care Highlights Patient Safety and Avoiding Medical ErrorsMany medical tests that once required sending samples to a laboratory and waiting for results can now be performed quickly at the patient bedside. Since these point-of – care testing technologies into patient care into patient care, special attention is required to protect the safety of patients and to prevent medical errors, according to this month special issue of Point of Care: The Journal of near – patient Testing & Technology.

As required POCT routine, special attention to patient safety Becomespoint-of-care testing, the joint laboratory rapidly rapidly obtained on or near the bedside or in the doctor’s office more sophisticated and widespread that. Special issue presents contributions from the laboratory manager, ‘POC coordinators ‘and other professionals on the front lines working to ensure that POCT are securely integrated into clinical care.

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Nastech Pharmaceutical Company in Inc. on the start of an Phase 2 clinical study evaluating of the company PYY3-36 Nasal Spray known obese patients. The trial will registered mail some 500 obese patients for six months, randomized, placebo – controlled dose escalation study by weight loss as the primary endpoint.