Since mid 2009.

Since mid – polio epidemic in West Africa Stoppinghealth experts confirmed today that a devastating polio epidemic in West African countries on the verge of being stopped – but warned that complacency could the outbreak the outbreak. Since mid – 2009, polio infected eleven countries of West Africa again, claiming many lives and left hundreds of children paralyzed for life.

– ‘These latest campaigns are crucial to again achieve a polio-free West Africa,’said Dr Luis Gomes Sambo, the World Health Organization Regional Director for Africa. ‘Under the leadership of the governments of the countries in the region, this epidemic is halted at the edge of, but we need to stop all the necessary resources to eradicate polio forever in our region. ‘ – ‘We now see the results of the enormous efforts of the last two years,’said Dr Gianfranco Rotigliano, $ 1 billion Director for West and Central Africa. ‘Tens of thousands of children lifelong paralysis. Lifelong paralysis. But at the same time, we must remember that in 2013 alone more than 500 children and adults were affected and are are now dead from the consequences of this devastating disease, and too many.Stomach CNS. On mice with multiple sclerosis from Alzheimer’s Molecule Reversed.

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