Published in SpringerPlus recently.

.. African American women are 55 percent less likely to receive breast reconstruction after mastectomy Dartmouth researchers have discovered that African American women are 55 % less inclined to receive breast reconstruction after mastectomy regardless of where they received their treatment. They report on their findings in The impact of competition/ethnicity and host to service on breast reconstruction for Medicare beneficiaries with mastectomy, published in SpringerPlus recently.Statistical Analysis The principal end point of progression-free survival was assessed with the use of a predefined log-rank test stratified according to the presence or lack of visceral disease and sensitivity to prior endocrine therapy. We estimated that 238 occasions of progression or loss of life would be required in the two treatment organizations for the study to have 90 percent power to identify a hazard ratio of 0.64 .16 The given information fraction of the interim analysis was increased, reflecting rapid research enrollment .17 A third-party core imaging laboratory performed the blinded review for a randomly selected subgroup of patients selected after enrollment completion.