Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Patient Care To promote knowing of the impacts of complementary and alternate products on patient care, drug interactions particularly, medication safety problems, and the chance of contamination and variability in active ingredient content; further, to advocate for the documentation of CAM products in medical record to improve patient safety; further, to advocate for the inclusion of information regarding CAM items and their characteristics in medication-related databases; further, to supply education on the impacts of CAM products on individual care in healthcare organizations; further, to foster the development of up-to-day and readily available resources about CAM items.The hope is that the outcomes of these research will further our understanding of the efficacy and security of hyperimmune globulin administration as a way of stopping congenital CMV infection. To conclude, this randomized, placebo-controlled trial of virus-particular hyperimmune globulin for preventing congenital CMV infection showed zero significant between-group difference in either the primary outcome or the secondary scientific and biologic outcomes examined. However, as the effect was smaller than expected, the energy to detect such a difference was small .