Rosato, RPh, IOM. Evidence is certainly mounting that legislation in these areas will curb the epidemic of opioid and other prescription substance abuse and save taxpayer dollars – we are confident our message are certain to get through this week and our proposals will gain congressional support. One of the primary communications is usually AMCP’s support for an amendment to the Medicare Part D law that could allow prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans to limit individuals with a brief history of misuse to a single prescriber and/or pharmacy, related to what is available in the private insurance market and Medicaid currently.Ban spoke of a few of the achievements Rwanda has produced towards MDG targets during the meeting, before noting some of the issues Africa continues to handle in attempts to boost maternal health and drive down maternal mortality .N. Research Institute for Public Development , the Canadian Press reports. Though the U.N. MDGs, in the areas of health, education and the surroundings, the UNRISD record argues that insufficient attention offers been paid to the necessity for jobs to combat poverty, as well as issues relating to income inequality, the news headlines service reviews. The Canadian Press continues: People need jobs to combat poverty, the report argues, calling for a shift in focus away from safety nets and welfare programs. In addition, it urges new methods to addressing rising income inequality.