Planned for completion by May 2010.

$5 million donation for Southampton Hospital to fund a new Emergency Department Southampton Medical center announced today that Jenny and John Paulson have donated $5 million to invest in a new Emergency Department. The present is the largest in the Hospital’s history and will enable a healthcare facility to almost double the prevailing space and greatly broaden its delivery of crisis care to occupants and visitors of the South Fork of Long Island .

If it becomes overwhelmed, the excessive build up of these poisons can accelerate growing older and impair the function of our immune and hormonal systems, which leaves us even more susceptible to age related illnesses. The unprecedented degree of chemicals inside our food, water, air, and personal care products has reduced our level of resistance to disease. The result offers negatively affected our metabolisms, leaving all of us with imbalances and deficiencies that facilitate an elevated aging process. Boost immune function The disease fighting capability is the primary defense against cancers and a multitude of bacterial, viral, and fungal attacks.