Paediatric glioma not not on the PDGFRA changes but found associated genes are activated.

The researchers also the activity of genes in 53 of the tumor samples followed and compared the results with adult gliomas. Paediatric glioma not not on the PDGFRA changes but found associated genes are activated, suggesting that this biological pathway key for the development key to the development of childhood cancer. Cancer, gene carries instructions for the production of a protein on the cell surface part part of a path of the control of cell growth, proliferation and survival is found – processes that are generally disrupted in cancer.

Analysis of these tumors , they showed children genetic alterations genetic alterations at even higher frequency than the other cancers that had been triggered by other factors. The presence of these changes regardless of the cause of the cancer, indicating that it also vital glioma development.

The researchers found that mutations in EGFR drive lung tumorigenesis, and that either turning off the mutant EGFR gene or inhibiting the drug can effectively force the tumors into regression. So you model does not only give mechanistic insight into the genetic factors involved in lung cancer, but also serves as a paradigm to develop, test, and hopefully improve targeted cancer therapies.

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