Most of these deaths are preventable.

. Most of these deaths are preventable, all with simple and affordable services I am looking forward to this task so, Ms. Halliwell. testify and to bring support for the possible prevention in developing countries expressed. I want to help empower women in Africa, so healthy and well-educated women have a direct impact on the economy. .

During the mission, Ms. Halliwell will visit the government the government of Zambia and UNPFA that address maternal mortality and. Diseases you will go in urban and rural health facilities around Lusaka the goodwill Ambassador also visit the North West province and meet some of the women who benefit supported by UNFPA initiatives. Estrogen the antioxidant power can key role in cerebral blood vessels health playmay estrogen role as an inhibitor of toxic – free radicals in cerebral blood major reason why major reason why women before menopause have a lower risk of stroke than men.After UC Irvine School of Medicine researchers, estrogen has a powerful and positive influence on the health of women by increasing the energy efficiency in the production of mitochondria – the tiny power plants that cells provide the energy they need to function.EPA registration based on independent laboratory tests have shown that of copper, brass and bronze are more than 99.9 % effective at killing of particular pathogenic bacteria, including the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , of one of the virulent strains of given antibiotic-resistant bacterial and of a joint cause of hospital – and community-acquired infections.

Hospitals.. Greece, Copper Industry Sets in the fight from nosocomial infections.

The copper industrial working to respond a very important question: Can be copper and copper alloys stem the spread of hospital-acquired infections hospital-acquired infections? Results of laboratory tests and clinical studies indicate that they can. From the whole world from around the world reported their work in the first world congress Copper and Public Health ‘, at of copper role in combating to bacteria which cause hospital-acquired infections the conference was organized in Athens, Greece in November. In the U.S., hospital-acquired infections in the lives of about 100,000 people a year. The U.S. Copper Development Association has a major role in this international effort of two main initiatives: EPA registration copper and copper alloys as antimicrobials and the initiation of clinical trials three U.S.