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More than 47,000kins scientists and their colleagues paired laboratory and epidemiologic data to find that men using the cardiac drug digoxin, a 24 % lower risk of prostate cancer had Prostate Cancer Risk By Heart Drug Offering potential for therapeutic use Cut. Scientists say further research may lead to the discovery of the drug, or a new, working in the same way to use to treat the cancer.

Those who used digoxin for more than 10 years, about half did of developing prostate cancer of prostate cancer than those who did not. – Even after exclusion was such potentially ‘confounding factors ‘as PSA screening, family history of prostate cancer, and the use of other heart drugs, the lower the risk of prostate cancer among digoxin users, is available. Researchers say.. Other scientists conducted research included Curtis R.These reports, Treatment outlook: Renal Anaemia and Treatment outlook: Bone and Mineral Metabolism, from responses in the responses of over 200 European nephrology May and June of 2013 about their approach to managing economic renal anemia and Function Bone and Mineral disturbances in their dialysis and chronic kidney disease deduced disease patients. No, Go Fish. Orange County Convention Centre – Orlando, Florida.. Metabolism, kidney specialist report of Shifting Practice Patterns for hyperphosphatemia and renal anemia.

BioTrends Research Group has published two new syndicated market research reports evaluating Nephrologie European.