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.. AHA certifies walnuts as heart-healthy food California Walnuts is proud to announce that the American Center Association is now certifying walnuts as a heart-healthy food.S.D. Institute Seat, Chief Wellness Officer Wellness Institute Cleveland Clinic. There exists a solid body of scientific analysis on walnuts, which began in 1993 with the landmark Loma Linda University research conducted by Dr. Joan Sabate Seat and Professor of the Department of Diet at the educational school of Public Health, displaying walnuts lower LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol by as very much as 16 %.AMPYRA is an oral medication accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as cure to improve walking in sufferers with multiple sclerosis . This was demonstrated by an increase in walking speed. People with MS often experience a progressive decline in their walking ability that may begin early in their disease course. Nevertheless, in many cases patients and their health care providers do not discuss strolling impairment until it is so serious that it requires physical support from canes or walkers, stated Ron Cohen, M.D., Acorda’s President and CEO. These data show that folks with MS, even people that have less obvious walking impairment, could experience meaningful clinical reap the benefits of treatment with AMPYRA. The poster display, entitled Influence of Dalfampridine on MSWS-12 Score Change in MS Individuals , examined improvements in walking capability as measured by the MSWS-12 when patients were stratified using two distinct criteria: EDSS rating and baseline walking rate as measured by the Timed 25-Feet Walk .