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The two genes called Caldag GEFI and Caldag GEFII that are thought to be involved in signaling inside neurons, in the striatum, a brain structure that contains the control of movement and the main target of the dopamine – expression nerve pathways that degenerate in Parkinson’s disease.

It is truly an inspiration to the commitment of tens of thousands of health workers, volunteers and Rotarians who go from house to house and village-to – village are tools to hand – deliver the oral polio vaccine for every child. .. Has Africa accounts for 75 percent of the world reported polio , the, the front line of the virus on the continent is expanding. Polio spreads to 14 countries, compared to only 3 in 2002 and virus reported as far away as Saudi Arabia. In many countries, low childhood immunization rate has intensified by unrest and population movements, the virus was difficult to stop. – The victory over polio depends worldwide on high quality campaigns that deliver polio vaccine every child, including the most vulnerable and most difficult to reach children, said Ambroise Tschimbalanga-Kasongo, African Regional PolioPlus Committee Chairman Rotary International.Cancer screening campaigns should be impact a change, wherever possible, and recognize that be needed for certain population groups. – ‘It is important to remove obstacles of certain population subgroups on the different kinds of Krebs screenings identifying,’says head writer Nancy Kressin, director of the Healthcare inequalities Research Unit at and associate professor in the Section for the Internal Medicine of Boston University School of Medicine. Using this the value for understanding general attitudes which patient with respect cancer screenings in general together common barriers to for future interventions. With this research, measures will be taken this vulnerable this vulnerable we will we state cancer at an early treat when the disease be more available treating and curing, ‘said Kressin..

They discovered that was more important than either attitudinal barriers and medicine facilitors. Such study appears in the March issue of the the Journal of the National Medical Association.

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