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AARP members take to the Hill to safeguard entitlements In effort to reinforce national television advertising, more than 400 AARP volunteers and staffers will be in Capitol Hill today to remind lawmakers not to cut Medicare ed therapy . In the mean time, both Democratic and Republican leaders are sending clear messages to the super committee and their fellow lawmakers relating to what they think ought to be on the table and how to frame expectations. National Journal: New AARP Ad Protecting Entitlements AARP is premiering another national TV ad campaign today, reminding lawmakers that cutting Social and Medicare Security risks angering 50 million seniors.

We are happy with the FDA’s authorization of the new drug as it offers a promising new choice available to those suffering from this debilitating autoimmune disease, especially anyone who has failed other forms of treatment. Of the a lot more than 80 autoimmune diseases, RA is among the most common and one of the more difficult autoimmune rheumatic diseases to control. It is a progressive disease that may affect many joints, mostly the small joints of the hands. Inflammation and thickening of the cells that lines the joints, which is the consequence of an autoimmune attack on the tissue, causes discomfort and swelling and, if left untreated or inadequately or improperly treated may improvement to cause destruction of the bones, deformity and, eventually, disability. RA affects all ethnic groups with females 2.5 times much more likely than males to build up the disease.