In 2007/08 our extended services in the UK

In 2007/08 our extended services in the UK, when the Department of Health asked us to design, build and deliver the UK-wide hotline for pandemic flu. FluLine that provide patients with rapid access to an initial evaluation, consultation, In collaboration with the approval of the anti-viral drug therapy . The service builds on the NHS Direct expertise to run large-scale health care contact centers, development of clinical algorithms and the provision of services via various communication channels.

– received 93 percent of all calls within 60 seconds and 98 percent of the most urgent calls a nurse assessment within 20 minutes. – 50 percent of all calls were within NHS Direct, without the need for onward transportation in relation to other medical personnel and emergency and urgent recommendations of 32, 2 percent reduced to 25.4 percent of all calls completed.

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