Gabriel Catano.

We surmised that because the median CD4+ counts in HIV-infected participants at study entry and at the time of initiation of Artwork were, on average, approximately half those of HIV-uninfected individuals , this degree of CD4+ T-cell loss may have precluded recovery to 1000 cells per cubic millimeter in most participants. A total of 47.4 percent of most participants met the criteria for the primary end stage of CD4+ T-cell recovery, and 59.2 percent met the requirements for the secondary end point of recovery, with the frequency significantly higher among participants who started ART earlier than among those who started ART later .The first two authors wrote the initial draft of the manuscript, with support from the last writer; all authors had full access to the analysis data and were involved in the data analysis. All the authors made a decision to send the manuscript for publication and attest to the precision of the data and the fidelity of the study to the protocol. Editorial support in the form of graphic services was funded by the sponsor. The protocol was approved by the institutional review plank at each study middle and complied with country-specific regulatory requirements.