ARC Pharmaceuticals granted fresh U.

ARC’s revolutionary technology combines simplicity, decreased surgery effectiveness and time period.. ARC Pharmaceuticals granted fresh U.S. Patent ARC Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced today that The University of British Columbia offers been granted a new US patent entitled Pharmaceutical Compositions and Methods Associated with Fucans, No. 6,812,220. The patent protects key intellectual property solely licensed to ARC that may be used in the development of ARC’s lead product candidates for the treating surgical adhesions. This issued patent strengthens ARC’s intellectual real estate portfolio, said Dr. Chuck Winternitz, Director of Functions for ARC. The polymers included broaden the business’s pipeline and may become useful in the development of films, gels and instillates for the treatment of surgical adhesion disease.‘One of the major insights supplied by this function is that resilience to stress is an active procedure,’ said Dr. Eric Nestler, chairman of psychiatry and senior author of the study, which appears in the Oct. 19 problem of Cell. Nestler. Mice, like humans, vary widely within their reactions to stress. Some adapt well, while some become timid and appearance depressed. While stress is known to play a major role in individual mental illness, scientists question why some individuals can cope well with adversity while others do not. The researchers used male mice that had been inbred to the true point that these were genetically identical. They stressed the rodents by putting them in the territory of a more substantial, intense mouse and documented how this stress affected their ability to interact socially.