Agilent opens new laboratory facility in Bangalore.

Agilent opens new laboratory facility in Bangalore, India Agilent Technologies Inc. has expanded its Life Sciences and Chemical Evaluation Center of Excellence in Bangalore. The company also offers opened a Life Science application development lab, in an adjacent facility, to accelerate the discovery of lifestyle science analysis workflows. Together, the lab and center cover 8,000 square feet, causeing this to be the largest Agilent research service in the world. India is still one of the most important markets for Agilent globally, with a significant presence of high-end R&D in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, said Parmeet Ahuja, Country General Manager, Agilent Systems, India.Abana helps regulation of serum lipids by controlling the blood cholesterol amounts, also reduces triglyceride and low density lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein amounts. In one word it can help controlling and maintains the standard lipid levels over the heart. Abana improves the heart contractility by exerting a optimistic inotropic actions. Abana benefits sufferers from symptoms of Atherosclerosis by reducing blood clots which endanger the risk of heart episodes and center ailments like stroke which range from mild to serious. It also reduces the hypertension that may at times induce cardio vascular illnesses. Abana is also a proven medication towards reducing nervousness and anxiousness.