AG Mednets image transfer service surpasses 2 million/month mark AG Mednet.

‘This level of continuous growth has additional demonstrated the robustness of our support, and validates the scalability of our global network footprint,’ stated Abraham Gutman, President & CEO of AG Mednet. The automated system, which enables the protected and de-identification, seamless electronic transfer of research data from sites to trial picture repositories, enhances site protocol compliance while providing comprehensive reporting for regulatory requirements.. AG Mednet’s image transfer service surpasses 2 million/month mark AG Mednet, the world’s largest medical image collection and delivery provider announced today that the constant state volume of pictures transferred by its managed support has surpassed the 2 2 million/month mark.Make certain you attempt home cures and change your diet for greatest results. If the down sides persist, despite many trials, think about visiting a physician, as the issue might be far even worse than thought originally.. Air quality along US Gulf Coastline improves after stoppage of essential oil leak The oil spill along the United States Gulf Coast poses health risks to volunteers, fishermen, clean-up workers and members of coastal communities, according to a new commentary by UCSF researchers who spent amount of time in the region and are among the first to appear into health problems due to the oil spill.