After multiple medevac crashes.

After multiple medevac crashes, NTSB wants increased safety technology USA Today: ‘The National Transportation Safety Board is calling on regulators to require new lifesaving technology on many surroundings ambulances, including night-eyesight goggles, terrain avoidance autopilot and computers controls. The devices are expensive, however the NTSB says they would save lives in a health care system progressively reliant on choppers for transporting critically ill individuals. Industry groups such as the Air Medical Operators Association say their members should have the freedom to look at some, but not all, of the technologies’ filagra .

The 4-Antibody assets are the Retrocyte Display technology platform for discovery and optimization of completely human antibodies against a wide array of molecular targets. Agenus offers multiple preclinical checkpoint modulator programs in development including GITR and OX40 antagonists and agonists of TIM-3, LAG-3, PD-1 and CTLA-4. These scheduled programs are being pursued through a strategic collaboration with Ludwig Cancer Research.. Agenus enters into contract with Merck for advancement of therapeutic antibodies Agenus Inc.