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One of the primary problems we face in trying to measure the impact of nurse turnover on our health and wellness care system as a whole is definitely that there's not really a single, agreed-upon definition of turnover, stated Kovner. In order to make comparisons across businesses and geographical areas, researchers, policy others and manufacturers want valid and reliable data based on consistent definitions of turnover. It makes feeling to look at RNs across multiple agencies, as we did, rather than in a single organization or type of organization to get an accurate picture of RN turnover.For comparison, we performed a parallel evaluation of efflux capacity by using radiolabeled cholesterol in a restricted quantity of plasma samples.9 Cholesterol efflux capacity measured with the use of fluorescence-labeled cholesterol was moderately correlated with measurements performed with radiolabeled cholesterol . The cholesterol efflux capacity did not change significantly when it was measured in samples obtained throughout a single day or 7 days apart . S3C and S3D in the Supplementary Appendix). Clinical End Points The primary end point was a composite atherosclerotic coronary disease outcome, defined as an initial nonfatal myocardial infarction, nonfatal stroke, or coronary revascularization or loss of life from cardiovascular causes.